Do you know how much your company would lose if your website was down for just one day?

What if you were not aware that your website had been used as a host for malicious material, and that the Search Engines had demoted your site?

We build hundreds of websites a year, and host a fair few too. We have seen a significant increase in attacks and hacks over the past 10 years or so and want to pass on our extensive knowledge.

Our training course has been created simply because a lot of website owners are unaware of what can go on behind the scene, and are also unaware of how they can protect their website, and therefore their business by following a few simple procedures and having a disaster recovery plan in place.

You will learn how to:

  • Evaluate and Install WordPress Plugins safely
  • Protect your Logins
  • Add Proxy and Malware Protection
  • Understand the difference between Http and Https
  • Run Security Scans
  • Create and Store Back Ups of files and database
  • And more…

if you want to protect your business, contact us now.