Having a digital marketing strategy is key to your online business success. You wouldn’t drive a car to go to your chosen destination (your goal) without planning (or at least having an idea of) your route. For this you need a road map (strategy or plan).

Digital Marketing Strategy Course

Our course includes:

You will learn: Watch the Video
  • Content Ideas and┬áplanning
  • Web Planning
  • Social Planning
  • SEO
  • Offline Planning
  • Essential Analytics (test and measure)

Full documentation is provided along with a list of tools you may require.

Time spent in strategic planning will save you many hours in the long run, and will ensure that waste in the business is removed wherever possible by continual and essential analysis and testing. Important for your growing business.

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Other courses include:


SEO Training Course

SEO (Or Search Engine Optimisation as it is commonly known) is all about how to get your website found by the Search Engines..

Our SEO Courses will show you the importance of choosing the correct keywords, how to make sure you have those keywords in the places that your website visitor AND the Search Engines can find them, how to tell the Search Engines about new and important pages, and how NOT to create Back Links..

SEO will help your website get found online, and could generate new business.

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Social Media Training Course

Social Media is something a lot of businesses are scared of. Our Social Media courses help you understand why it is important for your business, and how to easily manage multiple Social Media Accounts.

Our courses will give you the tools you need to manage negative comments, monitor what your competition are doing and also search the questions that are being asked that your products or services may solve.

Social Media instills trust and loyalty, and may generate new business.

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Build a WordPress Website

WordPress websites are not only relatively simple to create, but also because of the back end administration area, they are also very simple to maintain.

Our Website Build Courses will take you through the process step by step, building your new website whilst you learn. This way you have full control. We buy a .co.uk domain name on your behalf, and hosting for your new website will be provided for 6 months, then you can either continue with our hosting, or move to your new provider. The site is yours to do what you want.
WordPress websites are easy to maintain, saving you time and money longterm.

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How to make your website secure

How much business would your company lose if your website was down for a day?

Security on a website is key, yet many business owners neglect to create a disaster recovery plan, or to take steps to make their site as safe as it can be. Our WordPress website security course shows you what is available to help your website stay safe and secure, and will show you how to back up your website, show you how to store the site away from the server it lives on, and ow to create a disaster recovery plan (just n case).

A Secure Website means your website stays online, and your business continues.

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Web Analytics Training Course

So, you installed Google Analytics onto your website. Now what?

Our google Analytics Course will show you how you can identify issues with your website, how you can look at what can be improved in order to get a higher Conversion Rate, and even how you can see who has looked at your website, in order that you can follow up with a phone call.

Understanding your Online User behaviour can save your company money, and may generate new business..

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