Google Algorithm – Test and Measure Your Digital Marketing

We know that Google is continually changing the way it works (commonly known as the Google Algorithm), doing exactly what we believe in and educate on – TEST AND MEASURE!

The latest changes include showing Tweets in the US search results and also ensuring that unique and relevant content is the star player in any SEO campaign.

Let’s explain this a little further.

Tracy Spence - SEO and Strategy Training

Tracy Spence – SEO & Analytics Expert

Twitter in Google Search results and why it could affect you.

Twitter and Google got off to a shaky start and Twitter was never really seen as a way forward for businesses to grow online unless they put in effort to follow and engage online using tweets as a tool. The thing with Twitter is it really is a hungry beast and your tweets are seen and then pushed down the list very quickly indeed.

With the roll-out of Tweets in the US Google search engines, Google are showing that Social media (twitter included) is a valuable part of any business strategy. We have known this for years, but with the inclusion of Twitter it is very important to plan properly your angle of attack and stick with it. The UK generally follows shortly after the US, so now is the time to invest effort into tweeting.

Relevant, Quality and Unique Content

Google (in it’s Google Algorithm) has made it quite clear that content needs to be both unique and relevant on a website. They are looking particularly for quality, not always quantity. ¬†Many websites curated content from other sites, feeding it onto the page to reduce the time they spend adding content. For Google this meant that they had to wadde through multiple websites to display the same content. Of course, the search results showed the same answer to your search query and this left searchers frustrated.

Google’s latest algorithm focuses on the uniqueness of the content. Well written content about your subject matter is more likely to get indexed and shown that content which is fed onto your website that can also be found on thousands more websites like yours.

So dump RSS feeds to your page. Dump Iframed content, get planning your Digital Marketing Strategy!

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